Refuge Retreat Sessions with Lamrim Meditation (Mar 27—Apr 2)


with teachings & meditations guided by Gen Kelsang Norbu
Saturday, March 27 – Friday, April 2
offered by Kadampa Meditation Center Fort Lauderdale: www.MeditateInFortLauderdale.org

Whole Retreat (Zoom livestream plus video replay available through April 9): $100/person, Standard members $50, Plus members free
Single Sessions (livestream only): $10/person/session, Standard members $5, Plus members free

*Please note: We are offering this retreat via Zoom livestream. After you submit payment, you will receive an email with links to the meetings. These links are for your personal use only. Video recordings will also be available for people who register for the whole retreat, through April 9*

Discounted pricing available for Standard/Plus members. Members please log in before booking.


The main meditations in each session will be on going for refuge. In addition, we will go through a complete cycle of Lamrim meditations over the course of the retreat.

Recommended reading: The Mirror of Dharma With Additions by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso. Download here – https://tharpa.com/us/the-mirror-of-dharma-3783.html

Session times and topics
Saturday, March 27

11:00am-12:15pm – Meditation on the preciousness of our human life
1:45-3pm – Meditation on death
Sunday, March 28
2:00-3:30pm – Meditation on the danger of lower rebirth and Meditation on going for refuge
4:30-6pm – Meditation on karma
Monday, March 29
8:30-10am – Meditation on renunciation
4:00-5:30pm – Meditation on our determination to recognize, reduce and abandon our self-grasping ignorance, the root of samsaric rebirth
Tuesday, March 30
8:30-10am – Meditation on our determination to engage in the actual path to liberation, the three higher trainings
4:00-5:30pm – Meditation on our determination to attain true cessations
Wednesday, March 31
8:30-10am – Meditation on cherishing all living beings
4:00-5:30pm – Meditation on universal compassion
Thursday, April 1
8:30-10am – Meditation on the supreme good heart, bodhichitta
4:00-5:30pm – Meditation on our determination and promise to sincerely practice the six perfections
Friday, April 2
8:30-10am – Training in meditation on emptiness
7:00-8:30pm – Meditation on relying on our Spiritual Guide

Registration Policy: If you cancel 24 hours prior to the start of the event we will refund all except 25%. If you cancel on, or after, the event, no refunds are given. Exceptions may be made in circumstances such as sickness or bereavement; you should apply by e-mail to ad@meditateinfortlauderdale.org within 2 weeks of the end of the Event. Any non-refunded fees arising from cancellations are donated to the NKT-IKBU International Temples Project.