Special Buddhist Meditation Retreat: Non-attachment (July 10)


Teachings and meditations guided by modern Buddhist guest teacher Shelli Snyder
Saturday, July 10, 11:00am-3pm (includes a lunch break)
In-person or Zoom livestream plus video replay option – Pre-registration requested

Cost: $35 ($30 by July 8) includes vegetarian lunch
Standard members: $25 ($20 by July 8) includes lunch
Plus members: Free (need to sign up by July 8)

*Please note: We are offering this retreat in person or via Zoom livestream. If you choose Zoom livestream, then after you submit payment, you will receive an email link to the meeting. This link is for your personal use only. Video recordings will also be available through July 14*


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“Desirous attachment is like oil that has soaked into fabric whereas other delusions are like dust that has settled on the surface. Just as it is much harder to remove oil from fabric than it is to remove dust, so it is much harder to remove the mind from an object of desirous attachment than it is to remove the mind from the object of any other delusion.” – Joyful Path of Good Fortune, Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

Letting go of what we call desirous attachment is not easy, even when we know that it is harming us. It is as if the object of desirous attachment sticks to our mind even when the desire itself is not very strong. The reason for this is that when we see something as attractive or pleasant, it looks as if it is a true source of happiness. It is as if our senses are deceiving us, so even if that same thing has caused us much suffering in the past, we still have to exercise our wisdom to remember that real happiness actually comes from within.

This retreat will introduce meditations and special ways of thinking to give us the clarity and sharpness of mind to see through the illusion of uncontrolled desire. The sessions will be taught by Shelli Snyder, who will be in town to give these teachings and meditations on this one day only.