Vajrayogini Retreat: The Three Bringings of Generation Stage (Aug 28)


Meditations with instruction & guidance by our Resident Teacher, Gen Kelsang Norbu
Saturday, August 28, 11:00am-5pm – Heruka & Vajrayogini Empowerments prerequisite

Cost: $35 ($30 by August 26) includes vegetarian lunch
Standard members: $25 ($20 by August 26) includes lunch
Plus members: Free (need to sign up by August 26)

*Please note: We are offering this retreat in person or via Zoom livestream. If you choose Zoom livestream, then after you submit payment, you will receive an email link to the meeting. This link is for your personal use only. Video recordings will also be available through September 1*


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“May I complete the yoga of generating myself as the Deity, the marvelous method for bringing into the path to the three bodies the three bases of purification – death, bardo and rebirth – and the supreme method for ripening the realizations of the path and the result.” – Vajrayogini self-initiation sadhana

The essential practice of Vajrayogini Tantra is generating ourself as the Deity. In order for our generation stage training to be qualified, it must include the “three bringings” – a sequence of meditations through which we transform our ordinary death, intermediate state, and rebirth into the Truth Body, Enjoyment Body, and Emanation Body of Vajrayogini. In this special retreat for those who have received Heruka and Vajrayogini empowerments, Gen Norbu will explain how to engage in these practices at whatever level we’re ready for, in accordance with the commentary The New Guide to Dakini Land.

Registration Policy: If you cancel 24 hours prior to the start of the event we will refund all except 25%. If you cancel on, or after, the event, no refunds are given. Exceptions may be made in circumstances such as sickness or bereavement; you should apply by e-mail to ad@meditateinfortlauderdale.org within 2 weeks of the end of the Event. Any non-refunded fees arising from cancellations are donated to the NKT-IKBU International Temples Project.