Free Meditations and Pujas
Chanted Prayers

Personal Dedication Requests

Pujas (chanted prayers) are an important component of training in a spiritual life, and during special pujas we dedicate prayers to others. If want us to include someone who is sick, suffering, or has recently passed away – add their name to our prayer list. We’ll make dedications for them when we gather for our pujas.

Powa Ceremony
Transference of Consciousness for the Deceased
w/ Gen Kelsang Jindak
Sunday, June 16:   2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

The powa ceremony is a traditional Buddhist practice that is performed to aid the consciousness of the recently deceased as they travel to their next rebirth. It provides an opportunity for our community to come together to offer compassionate and powerful prayers and support during this important transition. White offerings are welcome but not mandatory – such as flowers, candles, food or candies.

Plan to arrive a few minutes early. Everyone is welcome and it’s free.

Offering to the Spiritual Guide

A special Guru yoga of Je Isongkhapa in conjunction with highest Yoga Tantra. By relying upon Je Tsongkhapa, our compassion, wisdom, and spiritual power naturally increase.

Everyone is welcome – it’s self-guided and free.

Wishfulfilling Jewel

A special Guru yoga practice of Je Tsongkhapa’s tradition combined with a brief practice of relying upon the Wisdom Protector Dorje Shugden.

Everyone is welcome – it’s self-guided and free.

Tara Puja

Tara is a female Buddha – a manifestation of the ultimate wisdom of all the Buddhas. ‘Tara’ means ‘Rescuer’ – she is so called because she rescues us from external dangers and internal fears.

Everyone is welcome – it’s self-guided and free.

Heart Jewel Prayers

Heart Jewel is the heart essence of Kadampa Buddhism and many Kadampas do these prayers as part of their daily practice. Buddhas or enlightened beings can appear or emanate as anything, and especially as teachers and protectors. In this practice, we pray to and rely upon the Wisdom Buddha Manjushri in both of these ways.

Everyone is welcome – it’s self-guided and free.

35 Confession Buddhas

In this practice, we visualize the Thirty-five Confession Buddhas and practice purification in their presence. Through the power of their blessings and prayers, we can swiftly purify even the heaviest negative actions simply by faithfully reciting their names. During this practice, we will make one prostration to each of the 35 Buddhas.

Everyone is welcome – it’s self-guided and free.

Quick Path to Great Bliss

Remember to bring your ritual implements it you have them, and the long self-generation sadhana of Vajrayogini. If you are planning to attend, please arrive a few minutes early.

Heruka and Vajrayogini Empowerment is a prerequisite.