Sundays, 11am-12:30pm


Introduction to Buddhist Meditation: The Three Principal Aspects of the Path to Enlightenment
Meditation classes with teachings by modern Buddhist monk Gen Kelsang Norbu
Sundays, 11:00am-12:30pm, July 12 – August 2 w/ Prayers for World Peace (plus community time via Zoom after class)
Cost: $10/person, members free
offered by Kadampa Meditation Center Fort Lauderdale:

*Please note: We are offering these classes via video livestream, only for people in the South Florida area, as a response to the current COVID-19 situation. After you submit payment, you will receive an email link to the video stream, which you can watch on your computer, tablet, or phone. This link is for your personal use only*

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“I will explain to the best of my ability the essential meaning of the teachings of all the Buddhas [renunciation], the main path of the Bodhisattvas, who have compassion for all living beings [bodhichitta], and the ultimate path of the fortunate ones who are seeking liberation [the correct view of emptiness].” – The Three Principal Aspects of the Path to Enlightenment, Je Tsongkhapa

We should ask ourself what we consider to be most important – what do we wish for, strive for or daydream about? Many people believe that material development is the real meaning of human life, but we can see that no matter how much material development there is in the world, it often causes suffering and problems to increase. With our precious human life, we have the opportunity to attain the supreme happiness of enlightenment through practicing the spiritual path. These classes will introduce the main meditations of the Buddhist path to enlightenment.

Recommended reading: The Mirror of Dharma With Additions by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso. Download here

July 12 – Appreciating our Spiritual Opportunity: Who is Je Tsongkhapa?
July 19 – What’s Wrong with Uncontrolled Desire?: Renunciation
July 26 – Believing the Truth, Enlightenment is Possible: Bodhichitta
August 2 – The Way Things Really Exist: The Correct View of Emptiness